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    Data capture from CHP plant


    Industrial companies that constantly consume a lot of steam and electricity because of their production processes like to call on the services of CallensVyncke. The Waregem-based specialist focuses on integrated, gas-fired cogeneration installations (between 1 and 20 MWe). The company acts as an EPC contractor and is responsible for the study, the design and the coordination of the construction. CallensVyncke has the ideal scale to be flexible and still manage large-scale projects.


    At the request of their client, CallensVyncke, which specialises in the realisation of renewable energy projects (solar or wind energy, heat networks and CHP), was responsible for the engineering of a CHP on the site of the end customer. CallensVyncke also took care of the coordination of the construction works, carried out by subcontractors.

    "It concerns a CHP with a gas engine of 5 MW electrical power that efficiently generates electricity, steam and process water for the enzyme production process. The end customer will use the generated electricity almost completely by himself," clarifies Frederik Verstraete, the person responsible for electricity, instrumentation and automation at CallensVyncke.

    In view of this realisation, CallensVyncke went in search of professional software to monitor the data of the various sub-installations.


    "After a successful test project with Ikologik , the time was ripe to join forces with this partner for a first, fully-fledged project. Our main requirement was that the platform should be able to bundle the data from the engine, steam and water installations (all built by different manufacturers). By correctly interpreting this data, we can measure how well the installation is performing. On the basis of the data, we can also identify faults and are able to optimise the operation of the CHP." "Our experiences with the Ikologik platform are exclusively positive. Its simplicity makes it very easy to use and to visualise trends quickly. Moreover, it is possible to generate alarm notifications as soon as certain parameters have reached a critical value. These notifications are shared via a group in the Telegram app, which is accessible to authorised persons. We are responsible for monitoring the installation for the first year after delivery. After that, we will transfer that responsibility to our customer and will create an account for them that will also allow them to monitor the CHP plant at Ikologik ."