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Why Ikologik?

The continuous logging and follow-up of data is crucial for detecting deviations and adjusting the process if necessary. In this way, you also have a complete view on the use of water, energy, steam and other consumer goods. This allows you to realise significant savings. This results in an optimised process with a minimum of operational costs, which gives you an interesting competitive advantage in the market.

Smooth communication

With Ikologik Industrial Cloud you as a machine builder optimise the communication between your machine and the end customer. The customer can easily upload construction plans, certificates and manuals via the documentation library. He has all the necessary information at his fingertips and receives timely notifications when maintenance is due.

He orders the necessary spare parts via the integrated webshop. This efficient approach helps build a spotless reputation.




Internal data is business-critical data that requires very discreet handling. Ikologik makes a strong commitment to this by storing the data in the cloud and working with reputable partners who can offer watertight guarantees on the security of the data. All data is carefully protected and remains the property of the end customer at all times.