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    Clear overview of all consumption


    Located in Ardooie, Homifreez is an important producer of frozen vegetables, potatoes and fruit. The company exists since 1991. The Hoflack family, who founded Homifreez back then, attach great importance to flexibility, quality and customer-friendliness. The company is strongly committed to sustainability. It does so not only by means of a high-tech water purification system, but also through rational water and energy consumption and economical use of packaging materials.


    Homifreez has its own steam boiler, which produces low-pressure steam through a gas combustion process. This steam is essential for blanching the vegetables. The annual production of approximately 30,000 tonnes of steam involves considerable consumption of gas, water and chemicals as well as maintenance costs. "We measure a lot of parameters on the boiler, both online and offline, but did not have a ready-made solution to make a good comparison of critical data. We found it essential to have a clear insight into our water and energy consumption, so that we can intervene immediately in the event of abnormally high peaks. The online monitoring platform from Ikologik proved to be the ideal solution for us."


    Since the installation of the hardware and software from Ikologik, Homifreez has been able to accurately monitor various measurements. "If the system detects certain excesses or deviations, it immediately sends an alarm message to the operator or engineer on duty," explains Koen Hoflack. "He can then immediately take appropriate action. Thanks to the daily or weekly reports on water, gas and chemical consumption, we get a much better understanding of the relationship between consumption and production. The central storage and continuous accessibility of all process data offer us the chance to consult the graphs immediately in the event of any problems, so that we can quickly detect the exact deviation."