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Dely Wafels

    Accurate costing thanks to precise data


    Collecting and processing data to map the production costs of the end product even more precisely: that was the task assigned to Innomatic and Ikologik by the family business Dely. To do so, they needed various types of information: not only on the raw materials consumed and the losses, but also on the running times, breakdowns and energy consumption.


    An important step in the process was to accurately monitor the running times of all machines in the plant. This allows the capacity and efficiency of the machines to be precisely monitored. As a result, the company knows exactly how many wafers can be produced in a given time period. This is crucial information, because it works with a tight schedule that is fully coordinated with the planned transport by ship.

    The systems of Innomatic and Ikologik also map out the waste. They count how many wafers go into the oven and how many are packaged at the end of the process. In between, there are checkweighers that weigh the wafers. By performing these measurements at every station - and not only at the beginning and the end of the process - it is possible to intervene in time in case of deviations. In this way, Dely can avoid having too many end products that do not meet the strict quality requirements.

    The consumption of water, gas and electricity is also measured continuously. If the consumption of the refrigerating installation suddenly increases, it means that it is freezing. Dely can then preventively defrost the freezers. It is maintenance that could otherwise have a major impact on production and planning, but which can be planned preventively thanks to the analysis of consumption data. Perhaps surprisingly, Dely also uses the data for HR purposes. If, at a certain moment, there is a

    If there are (too) many alarms, this is usually due to incorrect adjustment of the machine. The company therefore uses the alarm list to train and further educate its employees in a very targeted way, depending on the machine they are operating.

    Another thing: the system of Innomatic and Ikologik was linked to Dely's existing production network, with minimal adjustments to the existing infrastructure. In this way, all information is centralised to generate an end-to-end overview.