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Drinking water supply

    The challenge

    A drinking water company from Dresden uses microfiltration to produce drinking water from the Elbe. Drinking water production must take place in a very reliable environment. Even the slightest deviation can cause bacterial outgrowth and endanger drinking water production.

    The solution

    For remote monitoring, online alarming and reporting, Ikologik was used. The various measurements are read out by using so-called 'analogue splitters'. These splitters split the analogue signal to the cloud application as well as to the customer's internal network.

    Based on the measured value, smart process analyses were added so that technicians are immediately alerted by e-mail or SMS when the installation starts to deviate from the expected value.

    The benefits

    Through the online monitoring of the membrane treatment plant, both the end customer and the water treatment company have an overview of the process data at all times. Wherever he is in the world, the service technician can quickly consult his dashboard and check whether everything is still within the set KPIs. In this way, the service model is optimised, less is done with more people and travelling time is reduced to a minimum. All with an even more stable and reliable process.