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    Efficiency grows with production capacity


    Ecofrost grows like cabbage. In recent years, the family business from Peruwelz has repeatedly been among the fastest growing companies in our country. Ecofrost produces private label frozen chips and other frozen potato specialities. 90 percent of the production is intended for export. A while ago, the company invested in a fourth line. It used that opportunity to invest in an IT solution that would provide the information to optimise all processes.


    In November 2016 Ecofrost took the fourth production line into operation. At the same time, the implementation of Ikologik Industrial Cloud also took place.

    Production manager Jeannot Hoflack: "We needed a solution that also enables reporting and sends out alarm signals if the parameters deviate too far from the standard. Ikologik Industrial Cloud offers all the possibilities. We can follow all data in real time, and we receive regular reports in our mailbox, which allow us to see if everything is going smoothly. The system allows us to quickly anticipate potential problems, so that we can intervene even before the problem actually occurs. In this way, we have been able to avoid downtime on several occasions in the past six months.


    Ecofrost quickly felt that this had a positive impact on business processes. "We no longer lose time looking for data, because it is stored centrally and can be consulted quickly. This allows us to tackle latent problems vigorously, even before they surface. In addition, we can quickly and fairly easily program extra parameters ourselves. Thanks to this system, efficiency grows proportionally to our production capacity."

    Ikologik Industrial Cloud already follows more than 1,300 parameters at Ecofrost . The open architecture of the platform allows all devices to be connected to it and thus offers the opportunity to take the step towards the Internet of Things.