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    Helicopter view on water treatment 


    Mouterij Dingemans is a purebred family business from Stabroek that has been dedicated to supplying quality malt for five generations. Founded in 1875, the company succeeded, thanks to targeted investments, in developing into an important player on the market. For years, the company has specialised in pilsner malt, but it also supplies special malts for special beers. For about twenty years, the company has also had its own water treatment plant.


    Due to a substantial increase in production capacity, Mouterij Dingemans also had to scale up its water treatment plant. That plant uses, among other things, iron and manganese removal to purify groundwater into process water. That process water is crucial, especially for washing the installations and generating steam. The malt factory entrusted the expansion of the water treatment plant to Eurowater, the company from Eke that had also built the plant at the time. The customer also wanted a high-performance monitoring system to continuously check the efficient functioning of the extended installation.


    Eurowater trusted the monitoring system without hesitation to Ikologik. "We had already gained experience with Ikologik's system in previous projects, so we know full well the added value of their solution," says Tom Vanlerberghe, manager of Eurowater. "It is a proactive reporting system that enables the smooth exchange of data at all times. By bundling all the data on a central platform, it is possible to monitor every parameter in real time and draw the right conclusions in no time."

    Because the customer wants to concentrate fully on its own core business, it entrusts the monitoring of the water treatment plant entirely to Eurowater . "From our expertise we are well placed to interpret all indicators correctly. We always have a good view on how everything evolves and keep the customer informed of these trends. If necessary, we can also plan quick interventions."

    The monitoring system from Ikologik has been in use at Mouterij Dingemans for several years now. "This technology has also proved to be very useful for this customer, including the optimisation of consumption. The Ikologik solution makes it possible to anticipate peaks in water consumption. Moreover, all pump groups are fully under control and there is now a constant supply of water in all buffer tanks."