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    Customer portal for optimal system management


    MARELEC has been focusing on high-tech solutions for the food industry for 30 years. The company from Nieuwpoort designs, produces and commissions advanced machines for portioning, weighing, sorting and checking poultry, meat and fish in the fishery and food sectors. The installations of MARELEC help the end customer to optimise and automate their production process. The company distributes its solutions worldwide through distributors.


    General manager Koen Devolder (MARELEC): "As a customer-oriented company, we consider it extremely important to continue to optimise our service level. As such, we see a lot of potential in the expansion of our maintenance activities. It is therefore essential that we have a perfect overview of where each of our nearly 8,000 machines sold is currently being used."

    "We needed a user-friendly and intuitive data platform that makes this possible and also takes the cooperation with our distributors to a higher level. The Ikologik platform also allows us to link machines via a network connection, so that we can communicate with an installation in real time. All this should facilitate smooth data exchange, accurate reporting and flawless follow-up of each maintenance activity."


    "With Ikologik we found a partner that offers a high-performance data platform. It is a very user-friendly tool for asset management, equipped with a pleasant user interface. This application will lead to a win-win situation. We share with our distributors all information about the machines sold to them, as well as an online manual. This includes, among other things, all essential data on all used parts. They can therefore easily find the correct reference for each specific spare part and, if required, initiate the order via the platform. In addition, our distributors update the data on the basis of maintenance actions carried out by them. Updates in the event of a change of location and/or end user of the machine ensure that each installation remains continuously traceable, and the maintenance history is known." MARELEC also uses the application to further improve the level of distributors through knowledge sharing. "Through the 'Academy' module in the Ikologik platform, we share knowledge documents and constantly inform our distributors about training courses. By following this training, they can obtain the label of 'Certified Distributor', which gives them additional rights in the platform. This way, they can deepen their expertise about the machines, which is crucial for smoother sales and optimised service."