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Mr Mallo

    Clear reporting with OEE dashboards


    Mr Mallo is one of the largest marshmallow producers in Europe. Under the motto 'to measure is to know', it wanted to provide real-time dashboards on the shop floor and generate automatic reports for management. This would allow the management to compare and optimise the performance of the various sites in an unambiguous manner.


    Innomatic and Ikologik linked the production lines with the ERP system of Mr Mallo. Thanks to this intervention, the lines can be set automatically, without manual intervention of an operator. This takes less time and, moreover, fewer errors can occur.

    This integration also made real-time dashboards possible, which display the order information from the ERP on the shop floor: which order is being worked on now, how many products still have to be produced for this order, what is the expected end time, etc. The feedback of the data about completed orders facilitates the administrative work afterwards. Post-calculation, making quotations and comparing orders goes a lot smoother when you can find all the information with one click of the mouse.

    Providing real-time information was a big step forward for the company, but for the management Innomatic and Ikologik went even further. Every week a report is automatically generated for them about the capacity and efficiency of every production line and plant. All information is available in an app, which the management can view whenever and wherever they want. Benchmarking the performance of the different plants provides interesting insights to adjust certain production lines.